For Trained Coaches

Introduction to Holistic Counselling, Coaching, and Consulting:  A Psychosynthesis Approach

Coaching is about helping others to become more integrated as they actualize their dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Without an integrated understanding and approach to our work as coaches, we may be supporting a split or schism in our clients, rather than an integration and strengthening of their efforts. As coaches, working in a way that promotes healing, integration and freedom requires a habit of self-reflection about our practices. How do we work so that we aim for a balance, a harmony and build a real foundation in our clients for the changes they are seeking. In this workshop on holistic and integrated coaching, you will learn:

  • how to consider the dimensions of body, mind and spirit in our clients
  • how to view a client’s attached roles, identifications, habits, patterns as roadblocks to change
  • how to loosen the rigidity of a client’s patterns
  • the different dimensions of the will
  • how to understand the difference between using will power vs an integrated will
  • how to expand a client’s awareness and to develop more stamina, steadfastness, etc. for the change process
  • how to cultivate practices and homework exercises which support the capacity for changing between coaching sessions
  • how to keep awareness and the excitement of changing alive
  • how to build the strength, the energy and capacity of the will to propel the movement of change

This program will take your coaching practice to a more informed and sophisticated level.

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