Coaching for Change

COACHING FOR CHANGE: a residential coaching training

How is it that people actually make changes in their lives?  This retreat and training will explore the dimensions and stages of change and its critical relationship to the development of a core stamina in the self which supports the navigation of lifestyle changes from a wholistic perspective.   Integrated changes come from a developed ability to attend to oneself in regulating and  consistent ways.   This focused awareness on the self and on the patterns which interfere with life’s journey need our attention if we are to free up the pathways for the next steps in our journey.


In this retreat and training you will learn:

  • The stages of change in the change cycle
  • The variety of ways we repeatedly sabotage ourselves with self-defeating repetitive action and language patterns
  • How to begin to move towards desired changes through imagery, daily practices, taking small do-able steps so as not to get overwhelmed and abort your process
  • How to coach or counsel others who desire a change in their lives
  • How to study your own style and patterns as well as read others style
  • Importance and use of Mirror neurons
  • Practices to recondition your nervous system to align with changes you desire
  • Connection between the brain and habits and conditioning
  • How to build your business as a certified life coach 


CERTIFICATION AS A LIFE COACH:  Students may become certified as life coaches through this training and become affiliated with the internationally recognized Certified Coaching Federation ( and receive a certificate of certification as a life coach.   Requirements are:   this 5 day retreat + a short exam + an additional ½ day seminar on building a coaching practice: 

Cost includes certificate, membership in the CCF coaching community, 1 year of bimonthly coaching lessons, regular newsletter, access to related coaching courses at a discounted fee, 1 free coaching session. (Does not include accommodation, meals and transportation.) 

Next Retreat/Residential Coaching Training: Norway, November 11 -16

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