“What makes a song beautiful is not always the quality of the voice but the distance that voice has had to travel.” (From movie “The Unfinished Song”)



ATTPPP Diploma: Toronto Psychoanalytic Society TPS)
Associate Toronto Contemporary Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (TCPP)
Certified Clinical Member OACCPP Member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)
Master Coach Trainer CCF

About Me:

I am a professor, a certified psychotherapist, a certified master coach and a trainer. I have 40 years of clinical experience. a doctorate in counseling psychology; postgraduate diploma in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and an extensive training in Spiritual Psychology, Psychosynthesis, Relational and Jungian Psychology. I bring an integrated and practical approach to my work.

I value freedom and truth.  And I love all aspects of my work as psychotherapist, a coach, teacher and writer because it provides me with the opportunity to partner with students and clients in expanding possibilities so that they may lead creative and exhuberant lives.

All of us get in our own way and hold onto old beliefs about ourselves.  Our patterns are so automatic we don’t even notice how and when we get caught up in a groove of repetition that no longer serves us.

My work is about teaching, exploring and bringing old patterns into awareness.  With increased self awareness there is more choice and with more choice there is more freedom and flexibility in all aspects of OUR lives.  There is only fear and narrow choices in life when the pathways to awareness are blocked and the old patterns remain unexamined.

With my extensive background in psychoanalysis, Jung, psychosynthesis, spiritual psychology, sensory-motor trauma and coaching to my work.  I have taught and conducted retreats and workshops in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.  My students and clients are local and international and I consult and work with people both in person and online.  (Refer to “session” page for more information about coaching and therapy.)

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Catherine Comuzzi

My Philosophy

I believe there is a thread that is particular to each of our lives.  This thread informs our life direction and purpose.  To me, personal freedom comes from a radical acceptance of who we are and is supported by a steadfast pursuit of our truth as it unfolds and presents itself throughout life.  As the Jungian analyst James Hollis says:  “To become a person does not necessarily mean to be well adjusted, well adapted, approved of by others. It means to become who you are. We are meant to become more eccentric, more peculiar, more odd. We are not meant just to fit in……”