Living a balanced life is a compelling thought.   It is compelling in the sense that it is a question that comes up for everyone at some juncture in their lives.   Addressing the question of balance in our lives usually emerges from a crisis – a crisis in the body, in the spirit, or in the mind, a crisis that demands we re-examine our lifestyle and “put it in some form of alignment”.   It usually demands that we let go of something in order to make space for some dimension of our lives that may have been neglected or glossed over.   It is a crisis because of our habits of not looking and listening to what is important in our lives and more important what is trying to happen.   It is often a call of moving from survival, singular focus modality to a expansive more inclusive modality.   When someone learns from a crisis call, they often look back on that crisis as the “best thing that happened to them”. Why? Because it awakened them to the bigger picture of their lives and forced them to look, take stock and make adjustments, let go of a mindset, a lifestyle, a relationship, a job, a pattern, all in service of making the necessary changes that the crisis demands.   We do not go looking for these crises but they do happen in the course of our lives.